2024 Subaru Crosstrek Highlights

July 7th, 2023 by

The Crosstrek has racked up best-in-class sales and awards from customers and independent specialists alike over the years.


Built For The Consumer 

Subaru has been around for a very long time, and they have been creating vehicles with their customers in mind since they began. They have always thought out of the box on what would be the best way to achieve the most satisfactory automobile for their customers. The people wanted a sports-like car that could handle the terrain like a truck without the truck’s look and feel. They also wanted a vehicle that had an all-wheel-drive body that was a stylish and lifted car designed. Subaru listened and created first the Outback for all those outside adventures, then they made the Forester, which was slightly smaller but still as powerful, and finally came the Crosstrek, the smallest size but still has the power and space for the consumer to have the best ride. Subaru created three different vehicle sizes with everything the customers wanted. As long as the Crosstrek has been out, it has been acknowledged by customers and experts for being the best in class. 


2024 Crosstrek

The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek blends the combination of an SUV and a car perfectly. The Crosstreck has offered affordable packages over the years, and it is not surprising that it is now on its third generation. This vehicle has gone through an evolutionary change, and everything has been thought of, from the design to improving the steering to adding subtle features meant to enhance its utility, like fold-flat seats and wide opening doors with fatter sills for standing on. The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek is affordable, spacious, and ready for all family adventures.



The Crosstrek has a tall, boxy flank, slab-sided windows, and elevated beltlines exterior. It sits at the same height and offers a similar view of the road as other compact crossovers, but it comes across as more of an elevated hatchback. The Outback, Ascent, and even Forester also have this very similar look. It is a look that consumers are looking for, and Subaru is delivering what its customers want.


The Crosstrek’s 8.7 inches of ground clearance goes a long way towards hopping over many obstacles; the Crosstrek’s extraordinarily short overhangs make it a bit easier to navigate steep slopes; and the X-Mode off-road riding assistance systems that optimize power delivery for extraordinary conditions might as well be referred to as E-Z Off-Roading, given how they lessen the amount of skill needed to scramble through the difficult terrain.


2024 Crosstrek Lineup

Currently, the 2024 Crosstrek comes in four trims, the base model, Premium, Sport, and Limited. The base and Premium use a 2.0-liter boxer-four that makes 152 horsepower and 148 lb-ft, and the upper trims pack a 2.5-liter four that adds 30 horses and 37 lb-ft to that. The Sport trim can be equipped with a package that is called the “Optional Package,” which adds rear cross-traffic alert and blind spot assist, a power driver’s seat, and a moonroof. The 2024 Crosstrek has all-wheel drive and is able to see 26-27 mpg in the city and 33-34 mpg on the highway. It can fit five people comfortably. This vehicle handles like a dream.


Kenny Ross Subaru

The 2024 Crosstrek is a great addition to an already amazing line of generations of Crosstrek. Built with the customer’s wants and needs in mind, it makes sense that it is a top-rated vehicle based on customer reviews. Check out the Crosstrek in person at Kenny Ross Subaru.

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