2022 Subaru Outback and Crosstek Manage to Capture Attention of Younger Generation

October 29th, 2021 by

Subaru has been making headlines recently with the debut of its electric vehicle, the Solterra. Many automakers have been working to produce electric vehicles in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and combat the global climate crisis. Subaru is no stranger to this as their Solterra managed to make a great impression with its brief teaser video and images. The automaker has also done wonders with its iconic line of SUVs. Subaru’s Forester and Outback have received much praise for their versatility and reliability. The rugged and durable SUVs have been a hotlist item for many adventures and would-be adventurers. The Crosstrek has also received recognition. Subaru’s vehicles are fun to drive, engaging, and, most importantly, safe. Subaru wants everyone to know that, especially the younger generation. Subaru recently sponsored a trip to Denver, Colorado to display their Outback and Crosstrek. The goal was to attract people living active lifestyles and give them the chance to get a better look and feel for the SUVs. The hope was that upon seeing a Subaru, some would decide it in their best interest to one day purchase one themselves. This event was part of a larger one in which Subaru of America took the Outback and Crosstrek on a three-month road trip to different cities across America. It was certainly a way to appeal to consumers, and Subaru seems to have loved the engagement.

Subaru Hopes to Appeal to Younger Generation

Subaru of America recently partnered with REI Denver, an outdoor and lifestyle store, to advertise their Outback Wilderness and Crosstrek Sport SUVs. This event was part of a larger road trip campaign to tour different cities and increase brand awareness. Subaru displayed their two off-road SUVs prominently in front of REI’s storefront with the hopes of attracting a younger, more active audience. This makes sense given the appeal and versatility offered by the Outback and Crosstrek. They are the perfect vehicles for excursions and trips into the great outdoors. Subaru wants the younger generation to be well aware of this as well.

During the event, Subaru staff handed out pins, patches, bags, and Wilderness notebooks. They also hosted a free giveaway for a Thule top carrier. The brand awareness event seemed to do well. The Subaru Crosstrek recently received a new Sport trim which features a 2.5L engine and additional off-road upgrades. It has been a wildly popular subcompact SUV, and the recent Denver event allowed more people to understand the hype is warranted. The Subaru Outback, on the other hand, has been a consistent SUV that is almost synonymous with the outdoors. Subaru recently released the Wilderness trim, which has seen much success lately.

Adventures, campers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and nature lovers abound have found their essence in Subaru’s SUVs. This event was an opportunity to offer more of that. Subaru will continue giving consumers what they love, a reliable SUV that is safe and efficient. With the move toward electric vehicles, Subaru may be trying to further increase their reach before committing to newer vehicles that may do away with or even lose some of the special charm of owning a Subaru. That’s not to say Subaru won’t strive to incorporate that unique factor into their EVs, but it may take some tinkering to get it just right.

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