6 Subaru Features That Make Cold Weather a Breeze

December 30th, 2022 by


Subaru is known for its reliable and highly capable lineup. With popular vehicles like the Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek, Subaru has solidified itself as a competitive brand. Among the characteristics of a Subaru are convenience and driver-assist features. Some of these come in the form of Subaru’s EyeSight safety suite, but others are standard in most Subaru vehicles. These features can make a world of difference, especially in certain environments. One of these environments recurs annually and it can plague drivers depending on where they live. We’re talking about winter. Some love it while others dread it. Thankfully, Subaru is prepared to get drivers through what could be arguably called the toughest season. As such, here are six features that make getting through the winter an easy task.

1) Heated Steering Wheel

The first feature that Subaru owners will be thankful for is a heated steering wheel. While this feature is not available on all Subaru trims, it is a necessary one for those living in extremely cold areas. A heated steering wheel comes available on Limited and Touring trims so those living in colder areas or driving through them should consider these two trims lest they want to don gloves throughout the season. 

2) Heated Seats

Another feature that many Subaru owners will enjoy during the cold season are heated seats. Coming in from the cold only to be met by more cold can be a real pain. Thankfully with heated seats both drivers and passengers will be able to stay warm while inside their Subaru. Heated seats can be found in Subaru’s all-weather package so those living in colder climates should definitely opt for it. 

3) Heated Side Mirrors

Heated side mirrors are another feature that is included in Subaru’s all-weather package. Yet another life-saving feature, heated side mirrors can help those drivers on the go during the winter season. While many would love to stay boarded up indoors, sometimes we’re required to bear the cold and head somewhere. That’s where the heated side mirrors come into play as they make driving in the cold and snowy weather safe and manageable. 

4) Washer Jets

Washer jets are another life saver as they can help prevent ice build-up. Owners should be careful however as having too much water in their washer system could end up freezing it. This could rupture the fluid reservoir or damage the pump. In order to prevent damage, owners should make sure they use the proper dilution ratios for their washer fluid. This will ensure that they can properly spray any snow or ice that may sit on their windshield. 

5) Windshield Wiper Deicers

Also included in the all-weather package are windshield wiper deicers. This feature can help prevent the owner’s windshield wipers from freezing over. Sitting at the base of the windshield, this heating element maintains a warm temperature that thaws any ice or snow build-up. Owners can simply press the button feature in their vehicle when parked to maintain a warm temperature on the windshield.

6) Remote Start

The last helpful feature included in Subaru vehicles is remote start. 2023 model-year Subaru vehicles offer remote start on a variety of trims. Subaru Starlink-connected services are also available. Owners can simply use the app on their smartphones to turn their vehicles on. This ensures the vehicle is ready to go when time is of the essence or when drivers and passengers simply want to keep warm. With so many features, it’s no wonder Subaru has continued to be recognized as a reliable and highly capable brand. 


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