A Look at Subaru’s Warranty Coverage

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Subaru is a brand known for its reliable and competent vehicles. With popular vehicles like the Subaru Crosstrek and Forester, the Japanese automaker has continued to etch itself in the market as a top brand. Many of Subaru’s vehicles offer versatility and impressive performance. They also feature Subaru’s unique EyeSight safety suite, allowing the automaker to earn top safety ratings. As the automaker continues to improve and update its lineup, consumers can expect additional safety features and increased performance and efficiency. One area where many consumers may not be well versed is warranty. Subaru offers a comprehensive warranty plan for many of its vehicles. We’ll look at Subaru’s coverage and see why it remains one of the most reliable brands.

What Does Subaru’s Warranty Coverage Look Like?

With every purchase of a new Subaru, consumers receive a limited warranty that covers three years of 36,000 miles. This plan is standard with new Subaru vehicles and covers almost all vehicle parts. Owners of new vehicles also receive a limited powertrain warranty which covers five years of 60,000 miles. Additional warranties included with the purchase are a 3-year wear-item warranty, a lifetime seat belt warranty, and a 5-year rust perforation warranty. These warranties ensure that owners remain covered if something happens to their vehicles. They are also transferable should owners sell their cars.

While Subaru offers an extensive warranty plan, some things are not covered. Subaru ensures owners are covered for faulty or defective parts, but normal wear and tear from everyday driving is an exemption. Subaru will not protect if owners use unauthorized parts or suffer vehicle damage from abuse, neglect, or accidents. Other exemptions include failure to do regular maintenance, environmental damage, or repairs due to racing. 

Should owners want a warranty that covers the lifetime of their vehicle, they can opt for an extended warranty. These warranties are offered through dealership contracts or third-party warranty companies. As a contract between the owner and the other party, the extended warranty includes details about what is covered and how long. Although Subaru is known for its reliability, having an extended warranty can give owners peace of mind knowing they are covered for a long time. Due to proper maintenance, many of Subaru’s vehicles can last up to 15 to 20 years. This is one of the significant aspects that make Subaru a leading brand. 


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