Keep Your Subaru In Shape with This Maintenance Guide

May 19th, 2023 by

Owning a Subaru means there are no worries about safety. Here are some maintenance tips to follow to ensure the vehicle is always in its best condition. It improves reliability and protection and substantially increases the automobile’s service life.

Battery Check

When it comes to the car’s battery, many drivers might assume that it is in good condition because their vehicle turns on. Yet that is only sometimes the case; vehicle batteries are complex and have wires attached to them; if one of them was to loosen, it could be dangerous. Subaru has its customer’s back as they have maintenance technicians who can check the battery to make sure everything is operating as it should.

The Brakes 

It is recommended that every 35,000 miles, the brakes be visually inspected. If there is a build-up of dust on the rims or there is a grinding noise when the car is trying to stop, or even if the vehicle is pulling to one side while driving as well, these are all signs that the brakes need to be checked as soon as possible. 


Even if regular rotations of tires happen, it is also necessary to examine the tires before hitting the road. Give them a look over to ensure there aren’t any objects inside, like nails. This is important as it is possible that it can get stuck in the tire and start a leak that can be slow. This can cause the tire to go flat without knowing it till too late. Regularly checking the air pressure is also vital, as the pressure can fluctuate. Lastly, find a penny and put the penny between the treads with the head facing down. If the forehead is present, this means that the tire needs to be changed for a new one. 


It is necessary to check the coolant, oil, and windshield wiper fluid. It will imply whether or not it needs to top them off or if there’s a severe issue, such as a leak. Checking this will help prevent the vehicle from braking, as if any of these issues are noticed early, they can be fixed immediately.

Engine Flushing

A new Subaru engine calls for oil to maintain its lubrication. However, more than simply changing the oil and oil filter is required. There will still be a little oil left withinside the engine, which will most likely contain contaminants that should not be there—having the engine flushed guarantees that all sludge, metal shards, and different particles aren’t in the machine. A purified engine equals an extra dependable and long-lasting vehicle.

Kenny Ross Subaru

Regular auto maintenance will increase Subaru’s resale value, maximize fuel efficiency, and boost the car’s service life. Keeping that in mind, it will also ensure your vehicle is in the best shape possible when you take it on all your adventures. When you need any of your maintenance done, come on into Kenny Ross Subaru; they will take care of everything you need. If you are shopping for a Subaru, know that they have placed all the safety precautions you would want in their vehicles.

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