Kenny Ross Subaru: Spreading Love and Kindness in the Community

November 20th, 2023 by

This past Saturday, November 18th, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank held a food distribution event at McKeesport High School where volunteers gave pre-packaged boxes of food to people in need, including frozen turkeys and fresh vegetables. Volunteers from all over showed up to help, including a few of our managers from Kenny Ross Subaru!

They saw nearly double the amount of people this time compared to past food distributions and were able to feed nearly every car that came through before running out of food. There was one woman in particular who stood out amongst the rest, though. While waiting in line for food, Barbara’s car broke down. She couldn’t get it started again and was concerned that she would miss her turn in line. Thankfully, Jim Hoffman, SOA District Parts & Service Manager, was able to find jumper cables and get her car running again. While talking with her, he learned that she was retired and that her husband had recently passed away, and she was so worried about missing her spot in line because the food was a huge help to her. Luckily, they were able to get her her box of food and even went a step further. Howard Boughter, service manager at Kenny Ross Subaru, called into the shop to arrange to have a brand new battery installed in Barbara’s car at no charge to her. After receiving her food, they gave her directions to Kenny Ross Subaru and she couldn’t thank them enough. She said she wasn’t sure how she would’ve afforded a new battery for her car and was more than grateful for all of their help!

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