Subaru Obtains Next-Generation EV Technology

July 14th, 2023 by

It is looking like Toyota might also share its new battery technology with its partners, like Subaru, to generate more scale.


Next-Generation Technology 

Toyota’s new CEO, Koji Sato, has huge plans for the company, which he hopes to convert into an EV steamroller and beat the chance of rivals. He is seeking to share the brand-new electric-powered car generation with partners like Subaru. This will be a big step forward for Subaru as it will improve its already amazing EV technology.


As a part of its plan for the future, the Toyota enterprise plans to promote 3.5 million EVs consistently per year by 2030, approximately half of which will be primarily based totally on a newly designed EV platform that it will roll out in 2026. This is to affect Subaru after they get this new technology in the following methods; this new platform could, at some point, provide ranges of as many as 932 miles or 1,500 km away from the new battery technology. The platform will underpin the brand-new automobile structure to be as easy as possible to build. The wish is to lessen the expenses of EVs, which are extensively high-priced to manufacture. The hope is also to lessen its reliance on workers, even though it plans to upskill employees into greater effective roles. On top of all that, it will use what it learns to create its new EVs in the rest of its vehicles, whether or not they are electric. These are matters that are to occur at Toyota, and this might additionally be visible at Subaru when the technology is shared. 


Subaru being Toyota’s partner, will be benefiting from this share as Toyota also sees a great benefit in doing so. “Those technologies should not be applied only to battery electric vehicles,” Takero Kato, the president of BEV Factory, said. “It’s about increasing our quality and flexibility. We will be able to streamline all our manufacturing and production activities through this activity.” 


Toyota has already collaborated with partners to create EVs just like the Toyota bZ4X/Subaru Solterra. Toyota has devoted itself to providing that company with its next-generation hybrid technology. Ultimately, sharing the technology with partners will assist in spreading the expenses of its creation. This is where it benefits them to share this information with Subaru.

When Toyota increased its stake in Subaru from 16.83 percent to 20 percent in February 2020, it changed Subaru’s future. Subaru and Toyota consider this elevated stake will assist them in constructing better cars for their customers. 


Subaru said, “In this once-in-a-century period of profound transformation (to EVS), by strengthening our bonds and aligning capabilities, we aim to make ever-better cars, better than what either company has been able to achieve thus far.”


One of Subaru’s wonderful benefits can be its newly-developed EV batteries. Subaru stated it would supply the electric EV batteries for the brand-new vehicles through its alliance with partner Toyota. But Subaru will construct its new EVs themselves at its new EV manufacturing facility and will not depend upon Toyota to manufacture them like they do the Solterra EV.


Kenny Ross Subaru

This partnership between these two companies is building into a stronger bond, and the sharing of this new technology shows how strong it has become. Kenny Ross Subaru is looking forward to the new creations that Subaru will make.

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