Subaru to Improve EyeSight Safety Suite, Aims For Zero Traffic Fatalities

September 16th, 2022 by


Subaru will be improving its EyeSight safety suite. The Japanese automaker plans to use artificial intelligence in order to improve the safety suite’s computer system. The aim is to reduce the number of fatal traffic accidents by providing consumers with even more advanced safety features. Subaru initially started offering its EyeSight suite in 2008 and ever since its lineup has earned top safety ratings. Popular vehicles like the Subaru Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek all come equipped with the Subaru EyeSight safety suite and it ensures that owners remain safe wherever they go. In preparing for its all-new all-electric 2023 Solterra, it seems Subaru wants to further increase its safety standards. We’ll take a look at the improvements Subaru is planning and see where the automaker will go from here.

Subaru Aims To Improve EyeSight Safety Suite

Subaru will be making several improvements to its EyeSight driver assist system. The Japanese automaker will incorporate artificial intelligence into its safety suite in order to better protect owners. By using artificial intelligence, Subaru will be able to better utilize its stereo camera system and provide clearer lines of sight. Together, Subaru’s existing EyeSight driver assist system will help reduce traffic accidents and most importantly fatalities. Subaru wants to offer this new change in 2025. About the new upgrade, Subaru Lab director Eiji Shibata said,

“Subaru’s approach is how to reduce traffic accident fatalities to zero as soon as possible rather than focusing on autonomous driving,” Shibata noted.

Eiji Shibata is the director and senior program manager at Subaru Lab. This lab serves as Subaru’s artificial intelligence development center located in Tokyo. It is here where Subaru will develop its updated EyeSight safety suite. The automaker wants to focus on safety rather than autonomous driving so it will emphasize the use of camera systems. These camera systems will work alongside artificial intelligence to create three-dimensional imagery using radars and sensors.

Subaru wants to increase vehicle safety. Alongside its artificial intelligence endeavor, the automaker wants to introduce new auto-parking features with its next-generation EyeSight system. While this will not be the main focus, this driver assist feature will prove very useful, especially for those parking in tighter lots. Subaru has taken note that almost one-third of all traffic accidents occur in parking lots. Given this information, it makes the most sense to give drivers protection there. Subaru has not stated what vehicles are expected to arrive with the new software, but we do expect a time frame of 2025. Until then, we’ll be staying tuned for more information.


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