Subaru Unveils Travis Pastrana’s GL Wagon

January 27th, 2022 by

Travis Pastrana

Subaru and racing division Hoonigan will be supplying motorsport professional Travis Pastrana with a custom 1983 Subaru GL Wagon. Known for his extreme stunts and adrenaline-fueled racing, Pastrana has become an influential icon for rally racers and motorsport stuntmen. His most recent performance involved him jumping over a frozen lake in a Subaru BRAT. Now, as he prepares for his next stunt, Subaru and Hoonigan will be helping Pastrana out by providing him a 1983 GL Wagon. This may also be related to Subaru’s next project which they have been teasing on their Facebook page. We haven’t received confirmation that Pastrana will be participating, but we’ll be staying tuned for the potential collaboration.

Travis Pastrana Receives Subaru & Hoonigan’s GL Wagon

Subaru and Hoonigan will be partnering up to supply motorsport professional Travis Pastrana with a 1983 Subaru GL Wagon. According to Subaru’s Facebook page, there will be a big event taking place. Subaru has only teased this spectacular event so we’re not sure what will occur or whether Pastrana will be involved. It is likely that he will participate given the collaboration, however. Pastrana also races for Subaru’s Rally Team so it’s a safe bet that he will put on another high-fueled performance.

The Hoonigan-provided GL Wagon is a step above the previous Subaru BRAT that Pastrana used several months ago during his frozen lake jump. The 1984 BRAT Pastrana used was equipped with a 1.8L boxer four-cylinder engine capable of 73 horsepower. Though the BRAT did its job of getting Pastrana over the jump, whatever this next event is, it’s clear Pastrana will need more power.

The teaser images of the 1983 Subaru GL Wagon provide a glimpse of what could be used for Pastrana’s next stunt. Both Subaru and Hoonigan have hidden details, but it’s likely that the Wagon is a modified Subaru BRAT. Either way, it’s certain that the coupe will feature a powerful engine. Looking at Subaru’s Twitter, we can see that the 1983 GL Wagon will be Pastrana’s new Gymkhana car so it’s safe to say it will be more than powerful. We’ll be staying tuned for Subaru’s reveal and Pastrana’s next stunt. With this new GL Wagon, it’s sure to be an electrifying event.

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