The New Immersive Apple Carplay For Subaru

August 4th, 2022 by

Blink too fast, and a TikTok challenge is considered outdated. Similar to the Smartphone mirroring of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Smartphone mirroring confines Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to a tight place; the mirroring was once no more significant than the phone’s screen size itself.

Subaru inherited the large but optional portrait-style touchscreen when it redesigned the 2020 Outback and 2020 Legacy. Unfortunately, the Subaru touchscreen confined the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto to a minuscule display. But alas, there’s hope with an update for CarPlay to inherit a larger ratio of the 11.6-inch portrait-style touchscreen.

Before the update, Apple CarPlay initially encompassed up to 6.5-inches of Subaru’s 11.6-inch screen. So when the screen premiered, any drivers lost on an unfamiliar route didn’t have the leisure to enjoy the full effect of Subaru’s high-quality display with their phones connected.

Although 6.5-inch seems large, think of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the iPhone holds a larger screen with 6.7-inches of the handheld device. Additionally, the regular iPhone 12 fits a 6.1-inch screen.

In defense of Subaru and automakers alike, it’s not their fault mainly because Apple CarPlay was restricted in design to support landscape-oriented displays. But thank goodness for change.

Subaru acknowledged the challenge and tackled it with the Subaru update. The Subaru update carried over on new Subarus and became available to customers after purchase.

The Apple CarPlay update allows for the operation of the screen in portrait orientation but not the entire 11.6-inch Subaru screen. The screen size now stretches to 8.25-inches which is a 27% increase, proving essential for navigation.

The screen update is more extensive and not a full-screen update because the Subaru Outback houses a surplus of vehicle functions even with CarPlay in use. So along with the update, Subaru enlarged a few applications icons and placed them on the home screen, so there’s no need to flip page after page.

The larger display for portrait orientation was a joint effort from Apple and Subaru. The head-unit software required an update to unlock the layout available to the Subaru Outback and Subaru Legacy owners. Owners of the Outback and Legacy received the update via USB through dealers in 2020. Then a running change update throughout the Subaru factory on later variations of the 2021 Outback and Legacy. By Spring 2022, Subaru will initiate over-the-air drops.

Unfortunately, the Subaru update serves as one giant step for Apple owners and nowhere land for Droid users. As a result, Android Auto users will remain halftime occupiers of a beautiful display, and Subaru has no plans to increase Android Auto size any time soon.

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