Travis Pastrana and his Subaru are Partnering with Black Rifle Coffee

January 20th, 2022 by

Travis Pastrana

American motorsport professional Travis Pastrana will be signing with the Black Rifle Coffee Company. Known for his wild stunts and adrenaline-fueled racing, Pastrana has continued to influence a generation of rally racers, motorsport competitors, and stuntmen. As of late, Pastrana has been continuing his high-stakes performance stunts including surpassing his previous records. In August of 2021, Pastrana successfully surpassed his 2017 record for the fastest ascent of Mount Washington. Pastrana was able to beat his previous record by more than 16 seconds using his Gymkhana ‘Airslayer’ 2020 Subaru WRX STI. Through it all, Pastrana was sponsored and supported by Red Bull. According to Pastrana, that era will now be coming to an end. Instead, Pastrana will continue to perform stunts and race under the Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC).

BRCC is the “Epitome of the American Dream,” Says Travis Pastrana

Professional motorsport and rally racing enthusiast Travis Pastrana will be leaving Red Bull and moving to the Black Rifle Coffee Company. This move comes after many years spent with the energy drink company. Pastrana took to Instagram to offer his appreciation for Red Bull and to announce his next endeavors. The professional racer acknowledged all that Red Bull had done for him and the support they showed for his daring stunts.

Travis Pastrana jumping a car

About the Black Rifle Coffee Company, Pastrana stated that he had been accepted almost unconditionally. The BRRC offered no resistance to his stunt ideas and even sponsored some of them including the one where Pastrana used his Gymkhana Subaru to jump over Ego Alley in Annapolis, Maryland. Pastrana hails BRRC as the epitome of the American Dream and says that it is “proof that with hard work and believing in your brand, anything is possible.”

Travis Pastrana dirtbiking

Travis Pastrana will be continuing his adrenaline-fueled stunts with the Black Rifle Coffee Company. For Pastrana, he stated that this new transition is an exciting place to be at this point in his career. He said that although 2021 was his best year as a race car driver, he’s ready to get back to riding 2 wheels a lot more. This gives Pastrana and motorsport fans a lot of hope for the future. Here’s hoping that we all get to see another Gymkahan film in 2022.

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