Subaru Registers Trademarks for a Dozen Potential Models and Trims

March 1st, 2024 by

Subaru recently submitted twelve new trademarks for automobiles to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). These trademarks could potentially be utilized as names for new models, trim levels, or concept cars. By submitting these trademarks, Subaru seeks to ensure that its business interests are legally safeguarded and can avoid any potential legal disputes in the future.


Subaru Trademarks

In today’s highly competitive business world, protecting intellectual property is crucial for companies to maintain their market position. Registering trademarks is one of the essential steps toward securing intellectual property and ensuring that no other company can use similar names or brands. Subaru, a leading automaker, recently registered a list of new trademarks, including Accomplice, Everguide, Everpass, Getaway, Highroad, Hightrail, Outsider, Tailwind, Trailhead, Trailseeker, Uncharted, and Viewfinder.


The registration of these trademarks is crucial for Subaru as it helps the company maintain exclusive rights to its brand names. Trademark registration ensures that no other automaker can use similar names for their vehicles, which can cause confusion in the market and dilute Subaru’s brand image. While it may seem that Subaru is casting a wide net with this list of new trademarks, the focus is on the company’s vehicles. These names could potentially be used for new adventure-style trims to sit alongside or replace the existing Wilderness editions.


Currently, Subaru offers a Wilderness edition for the Outback, Forester, and Crosstrek models. However, the automaker could soon expand the lineup to its other SUVs. The Wilderness versions of Subaru’s vehicles offer drivers higher ground clearance, knobbier tires, improved approach and departure angles, and lots of extra body cladding. These features make them ideal for off-road adventures. Given Subaru’s reputation as an automaker that caters to adventure enthusiasts, it is no surprise that they are considering expanding their Wilderness lineup. The new trademarks clearly indicate Subaru’s commitment to this market.


The names Hightrail, Trailseeker, and Highroad seem like they could be used for adventure-style trims. These names sound exciting and evoke a sense of exploration and adventure, which is precisely what Subaru’s customers are looking for. The automaker has always been known for creating reliable and rugged vehicles that can handle tough terrain. The addition of these new trims will only strengthen Subaru’s position in the adventure market.


Subaru’s decision to trademark these names could also be an indication of their plans to expand their electric and plug-in hybrid models. As the automotive industry moves towards electrification, it is essential for automakers to stay ahead of the curve. Subaru has always been forward-thinking when it comes to technology, and it is no surprise that they are exploring new avenues in this field.


The names they have chosen evoke a sense of excitement and exploration, which is precisely what their customers are looking for. By expanding their Wilderness lineup, Subaru is positioning itself as a leader in the adventure market. Their decision to explore electrification shows that they are thinking ahead and are prepared to embrace the future of the automotive industry. Subaru’s trademark registration is necessary to protect their intellectual property and ensure their continued success in the automotive market. 


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Subaru has long been known for their dedication to adventure enthusiasts. With the registration of these new trademarks, the company is taking the necessary steps to maintain its market position and continue providing customers with exciting and reliable vehicles. Visit Kenny Ross Subaru to explore all the amazing Subarus they have to offer.

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