Subaru is Launching Solterra STI in the Summer of 2024

October 27th, 2023 by

Subaru is making bold moves to revolutionize the EV market with their upcoming Solterra model. And now, there’s even more to anticipate with the reveal of an STI variant in 2022. But that’s not all – Subaru has also trademarked the STe name, hinting at even more exciting possibilities to come. Stay tuned for what’s sure to be an electrifying future for Subaru.


Japanese Media Reports on the Subaru Solterra STI

Per a recently published report by Best Car, Subaru plans to launch an updated version of its electric SUV, the Solterra STI, in the summer of 2024. This news will undoubtedly excite Subaru enthusiasts who have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this highly-anticipated vehicle. The Solterra STI concept car was showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2022, and its stunning design left a lasting impression on many visitors.


The concept vehicle boasts a striking blue exterior with bold red accents on its splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and wheels. Its rear spoiler features the iconic ‘STI’ emblem on both end planes, lending it a sporty appearance. The Solterra STI is not a traditional STI model, like those of the past, but it still promises to deliver an electrifying driving experience that will be hard to match.


The report indicates that the Solterra STI will feature significant upgrades in terms of both performance and technology. It is expected to have a powerful electric motor and advanced battery technology, offering improved range and quicker charging times. The vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems and safety features are also expected to be upgraded to the latest standards.


Subaru’s upcoming Solterra STI promises to be a game-changer in the world of electric SUVs. With its impressive design, advanced technology, and electrifying driving experience, it is sure to appeal to a wide range of consumers who are looking for a unique and exciting vehicle to drive.


The STI variant of the Solterra electric SUV is equipped with a base powertrain that delivers a power output of 215 horsepower. The vehicle features a dual-motor system, enabling it to accelerate from zero to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 6.5 seconds–quite impressive for an electric SUV. Although the new car may not be badged as STI, Subaru has recently filed a trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office for ‘STe.’ This new badge is expected to be used for a sporty electrified or fully electric performance car, indicating that Subaru is gearing up to release an even more powerful electric vehicle in the near future.


Kenny Ross Subaru

Subaru has continued its tradition of innovation and excellence with the announcement of its latest vehicle, which is expected to debut in the next few years. The anticipation for this upcoming model is high among car enthusiasts and critics alike, who are eager to see what new features and technologies Subaru has in store. For those interested in exploring the impressive range of automobiles that Subaru has to offer, be sure to visit Kenny Ross Subaru.

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