Subaru Possibly Developing an Electric Sports Car

October 20th, 2023 by

Subaru’s latest project has been shrouded in mystery, leaving enthusiasts and industry experts alike eagerly anticipating its unveiling. The recent cryptic teaser and enigmatic description have only added to the excitement and speculation surrounding the project.


What could be brewing at Subaru?

Subaru has been experimenting with numerous sporty concept vehicles since 2013, each exploring themes that eventually make their way into the brand’s traditional vehicle lineup. Models like Crosstrek, WRX, Impreza, Forester, and JDM Levorg wagon have all been the product of these experiments. However, for the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru has introduced an entirely new concept – the Sport Mobility Concept that breaks the mold of what people have come to expect from the automaker. The front of the vehicle features broad, horizontal lights that could be daytime running lights or headlights, with a slightly larger center section that gives it an auxiliary light appearance.


 The front lamps blend into interesting grooves that accentuate the angular, beveled edges of the semi-squircle fenders. The rakish coupe profile shows a parabolic arc to the side windows, a strip of garnish on the C-pillar, and thin blade-like side view cameras that add an element of sleekness to the vehicle. The tires look like they have a hint of chunk to the tread, which suggests that this could be an all-terrain, all-wheel-drive sports coupe. However, it could be likely that this is a styling exercise showcasing the design innovation and engineering prowess that Subaru is known for.


Subaru’s latest statement reveals some intriguing details about their upcoming vehicle. The company has mentioned “electrification,” which suggests that the new vehicle will be powered by electricity. The statement includes a reference to the vehicle’s ability to drive in “extraordinary environments,” indicating it might be designed to handle challenging terrain and weather conditions. 


A noteworthy detail is that the new vehicle embodies a fresh interpretation of “Subaru SPORT values.” This could mean that Subaru is exploring new ways to incorporate sporty features and high performance into their vehicles.


Based on the available information, it seems likely that the new vehicle will have all-wheel drive, as this is a common feature in Subaru’s lineup. Furthermore, as the vehicle is a battery-electric vehicle, it will also feature a dual-motor powertrain, which provides an efficient and powerful performance.


The statement mentions the phrase “going anywhere,” which implies that the vehicle will have some form of all-terrain capability. This suggests that the new vehicle might be suitable for off-road adventures or other challenging driving conditions.


While the coupe-like design of the vehicle might suggest that it could be a successor to the BRZ, it’s only possible to say for sure once Subaru unveils the full concept. Subaru’s latest statement has given plenty to speculate about and look forward to.


Kenny Ross Subaru

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