Subaru Reveals Target For Electrification By 2030

August 10th, 2023 by

By 2030, Subaru aims to produce more than 1.2 million cars annually across its Japanese and US production sites, with 600,000 of the vehicles being all-electric.


Subarus Plan 

Subaru has announced revised electrification plans to see the brand offer a total of eight one-of-a-kind electric-powered vehicles (EVs) through 2028. It’s still being determined if the eight EVs Subaru will be offering by the end of 2028 still consist of the Solterra; however, it is proven among the seven different EVs concealed under blue sheets in a graphic in the company’s presentation. In order to achieve this target, Subaru will be beginning EV manufacturing in the US in 2027. This latest announcement follows a current report from Automotive News that stated a brand new Subaru three-row electric-powered crossover will be constructed through Toyota in 2025 in the US.


Subaru will start generating its so-called ‘Next-gen HEV’ models in Japan from around 2025 and  the US from around 2026. Subaru CEO Atsushi Osaki additionally confirmed those models will use Toyota’s petrol-electric hybrid technology. Subaru forecasts it will sell 400,000 EVs by 2028, and they will account for half its overall US sales. Subaru CEO Atsushi Osaki stated the organization is also focusing on developing sales in Australia. That being said, Subaru still has yet to release its first EV, the Solterra, in Australia. Subaru hasn’t specified the effect of the delay. Subaru is making plans to come to the States with a dual-motor all-wheel drive configuration, while single-motor front-wheel drive versions of it and the bZ4X are presented overseas. The dual-motor model has 160kW of power and 337 Nm of torque, as much as 10kW and 71Nm on the single-motor model. Both editions use a 71.4kWh lithium-ion battery with a maximum DC charging output of 150kW and a maximum AC charging output of 6.6kW.


Subaru Solterra

The AWD Solterra features a Subaru-developed X-Mode AWD management system, like in other Subaru SUVs throughout the lineup. It’s also available with 20-inch alloy wheels; at the same time, the FWD version is only available with 18 inches. The electric-powered crossover measures 4690mm long, 1860mm wide, and 1650mm tall on a 2850mm wheelbase. That makes it barely longer and broader than a Forester. Ground clearance is 210mm, or 10mm less than a Forester, while kerb weight ranges between 1930kg and 2020kg. The Solterra and bZ4X are underpinned by a brand new electric-powered car structure co-developed by Subaru and Toyota, which is known as the e-Subaru Global Platform and was known as e-TNGA. WLTP range figures for the related bZ4X put the FWD model at 516km and the AWD model at 470km, with claimed 0-100km/h times of 7.5 seconds and 6.9 seconds, respectively.


Kenny Ross Subaru 

Subaru has done it again, and we can not wait to see the new EVs that will hit the market in the next couple of years. The creation of the Solterra was exciting and didn’t disappoint; the collaboration between Subaru and Toyota is a great partnership. Come on into Kenny Ross Subaru to get a closer look at all of the Subarus vehicles that are going to impress you.

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