Subaru Introduces Revolutionary Flying, Electric Cars at Tokyo Auto Show

November 2nd, 2023 by

At the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, Subaru showcased two major concepts. As anticipated, the first was the Sport Mobility Concept, an electric sports car concept. The second one was the Air Mobility Concept, which resembles a flying car more than other personal aircraft concepts. It’s not far-fetched to imagine a flying Subaru, and there are reasons to believe it’s possible.


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The Tokyo Motor Show underwent a transformation and is now called Japan Mobility Show. The show now includes the entire mobility industry and not just automobiles. This change has made it possible for more people than ever before to come together and experience the future of Japan.


The Sport Mobility Concept presented by Subaru is a remarkable and breathtaking design that demands attention. The car’s design is nothing short of impressive, with its slightly boxy ends, pronounced fenders, and wide stance, making it seem like a classic Subaru sports car, just like the BRZ. The innovative design even includes rally lights that are incorporated into the inner sections of the headlights. 


Apart from its stunning design, the Sport Mobility Concept is an electric vehicle that features all-wheel drive, providing an exceptional driving experience. The concept’s low seating position adds to its sporty feel, making it a perfect car for driving enthusiasts. Although Subaru has not shared much information about this concept, it is undoubtedly a car that will attract car enthusiasts and those who appreciate excellent automotive design.


The Air Mobility Concept by Subaru is a futuristic flying car with a design that resembles a car more than an airplane. The vehicle has distinct headlights and taillights on the front and rear, respectively, with the Subaru branding prominently displayed in the middle. The cabin is car-like and boasts comfortable seats and modern features that make it feel like a luxury car. What sets this concept apart from any vehicle on the market are the pancaked outer edges that house multiple propellers, allowing the vehicle to take off and fly like an airplane.


Subaru has assembled a team of aerospace and automotive engineers to work on the Air Mobility Concept. Subaru has a history of building helicopters for Bell under contract, which has given the company a unique perspective on the aviation industry. With this kind of expertise, Subaru is potentially the best-positioned automaker to enter the personal aircraft game.


Although it’s uncertain whether either of these concepts will go into production anytime soon, the Air Mobility Concept is expected to remain purely a concept. Nevertheless, the Sport Mobility Concept could potentially evolve into something more tangible in the near future. It’s an exciting time for transportation, and Subaru is at the forefront of innovation with its Air Mobility Concept.


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